Scaden Blog

Apart from the changelog, this is a more informal section where I will inform about new features that have been (or will be) implemented in Scaden.

Scaden v1.1.0 - Performance Improvements and scaden merge tool (21.03.2021)

Scaden v1.1.0 brings significantly improved memory consumption for the data simulation step, which was a frequently asked for feature. Now, instead of using about 4 GB of memory to simulate a small dataset, Scaden only uses 1 GB. Memory usage does not increase with the number of datasets anymore. This will allow to create datasets from large collections of scRNA-seq datasets without needing excessive memory. Furthermore, Scaden now stores the simulated data in .h5ad format with the full list of genes. This way you can simulate from a scRNA-seq dataset once and combine it with other datasets in the future. To help with this, I've added the scaden merge command, which takes a list of datasets or a directory with .h5ad datasets and creates a new training dataset from it.